Prossimo ricevimento studenti

Il prossimo ricevimento studenti si terrà il giorno 4 maggio 2018 dalle ore 10 alle ore 12.

A partire dalla settimana successiva il ricevimento studenti si terrà ancora i lunedì dalle ore 11 alle ore 13


Altre lezioni di Storia della filosofia francese moderna e contemporanea



Su Formazione on line – Unisalento, la  prima e la seconda parte della quindicesima lezione e ancora la sedicesima, la diciassettesima e la diciottesima lezione del corso di Storia della filosofia francese moderna e contemporanea: Elogio del materialismo, dedicata sempre al Sogno di D’Alembert.


Classic and modern clash in Italy

Voltaire Foundation

Giambattista Vico Giambattista Vico (1668-1744), by Giuseppe Fusitani (1836).

In recent years, groups of Italian students protesting against governmental cuts to education funding and the rise of university fees have gained some popularity in the international media due to their highly original form of opposition. They made padded shields shaped as book covers, and used them as a symbol of literary and cultural resistance to the draconian cuts imposed by Italy’s successive governments.

The canon of works chosen for this very unique form of public protest – ranging from Plato’s Republic to Machiavelli’s The Prince to Marquez’s One hundred years of solitude – has raised immediate attention. With only a couple of exceptions, all the selected ‘book shields’ can be considered canonic books, ancient and modern classics, works whose value has matured over time. Professor Luca Serianni from La Sapienza University in Rome commented that it looked like a second-hand canon, closer…

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